Friday, March 23, 2012

meaning of Zihale Muskin (Context: Ghulami)

The lyrics are:
Zihaal-e-Miskeen maqun ba-ranjish,
bahaal(ba-haal)-e-hijra bechara dil hei.....

Iss gareeb/laachaar(miskeen) dil ko jab dekho(zihaal), to gusse se (ba-ranjish) nahin(maqun),

iss bechare dil ko haal-hi-mein/recently(ba-haal) apne mehboob se judai(hijr) ka gham mila hai

English:Donot look at this poor heart with enmity,
It(heart) is fresh with wounds of separation...

This song is written by Gulzar, inspired by Hazrat Amir Khosro's poet written in Persian + BrijBhasha...

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