Thursday, June 14, 2012

English Shayari

Staring at the moon at night, so bright,
An emotion came over me last night?
Bringing all of my thoughts to you,
I thought our love is growing true..

When I closed my eyes yester night,
All my sorrows & worries took flight?
Endless thoughts ran through my head,
& the talks we had while lying on bed..

Without U life wud mean nothing 2 me,
Oh forever with you, I want to be?
Words can't explain how much I love you,
You bring me smiles, overcome my blue..

Thinking of U constantly makes me smile,
I can't forget U, oh not for even a while?
You've no idea what I've recieved from you,
The only person I want2 spend my life is wid U..

I love you Sweetie, with all my heart,
I know never in our lives we'll be apart?
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