Sunday, September 25, 2011


Won't you wipe my tears tonight?
Won't you help me spend this night?
If I tell you whats in my heart,
Won't you really hug me tight?
Won't you hold me if I fall?
Won't you answer if I call?
If I tell you you're my life,
Won't you really care at all?
Won't you help me pass the trials?
Won't you cover miles after miles?
If I tell you the desperation of wanting you,
Won't you turn my tears into smiles?
Won't you feel my pain anymore?
Won't you miss me like did before?
If I tell you you're my soul,
Won't you make the time restore?
Won't you listen my heart?s cry?
Won't you let my eyes dry?
If I tell you're my only love,
Won't you even love me just as reply?

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