Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Know About Your Girl-Friend

Aries (mar 21 - apr 19)
An Aries woman is a bold and brash sort who won’t take any crap. Don’t even think about not calling her back when you say you will or trying to see other people on the side. she can be a bit 'discriminating,' It’s just that she knows what she wants and goes after it. She’s not afraid to tell you what’s up if she’s not digging your groove. Wimps, weaklings need not apply. She’ll chew you up and spit you out without even blinking an eye. It's not that a Ram woman can’t be won over, ever.To the victor go the spoils. In this case, you’ll land yourself an honest, courageous, open mate. Ever the explorer, she’s always ready to leap to new heights and attack new challenges head-on -- provided you can keep up.

Taurus (apr 20- may 20)
The Taurus is a woman who won't suffer from indecision or frailty and will be supportive and dependable. Romance and beauty woo this lady. Think champagne and caviar. A dozen red roses and a gorgeous setting, like a countryside estate, wouldn't be too shabby either. For the Bull, it's not just about hearts and flowers -- she's after a mate who's dependable and steadfast in his affections. Flakes and icy Ivans are out. Taureans, represented by the Bull, can be bull-headed and inflexible, so give this woman what she wants (lots of kisses and even more yeses) or you're sunk like a hole in one. In return, you'll get a loving, loyal and attentive lover. that as much you give her you will get more of that.

Gemini (may 21 -jun 20)
A Gemini lady is a true gem. She is concerned in Conversation, education and curiosity. Okay, so she may be a gossipy girl, but she’s just so darn inquisitive that she can’t help but know what everyone’s up to. Chatty Cathy will be charming, entertaining and inventive. Gemini gals are a social butterfly with a big and broad mind that needs constant stimulation and activity. Mind games are lock, stock and barrel in a romantic bargain of the Gemini-kind. Surprise and variety had better be part of the equation, too. If you’re a brainiac who’s capable of conversing, you just might make the grade with a Gemini lady. Mind your brain before you date.

Cancer ( jun 21 -july 22)
Cancer girl is a quite homely type. The Cancer woman can be a bit shy and may elect to shrink back into her shell rather than bust out and take a step out on that wobbly limb of datedom. They seek for security and stability in a mate. She doesn’t want complications or games. You won’t even get to square one with the Crab if you’re not an honest Abe with a good heart. Should you muster up the guts, plan to keep going an extra mile, as the Crab has a defense system that resembles an impenetrable fortress. Once you find the right key, you’ll find an affectionate romantic who’ll be committed.

Leo (july 23 -aug 22)
The Leo lady always likes to lead. She’s likely to be the lead actress in a play or the lead singer in a glamrock band. she likes to be in charge and heading up the show. Brimming with confidence, this woman will be the one dazzling the audience while in the spotlight of centerstage or commandeering corporate headquarters. Everybody likes a little ego stroking, Leos perhaps a little more than others. Second, don’t tell her what to do or she’ll kick you to the curb faster than the Concorde Jet. Speaking of the Concorde, flying her to Paris for dinner might serve as a nice first date, as the Lioness is a romantic. Once she’s committed to you, you’ll have a compassionate, generous and radiant mate.

Virgo (aug 23- sep 22)
If it’s a Virgo you’re trying to chat up, something that lame wouldn’t work anyway. This lady is looking for an intellectual connection. The Virgo woman is a discerning sort with standards higher. Some call it discriminating, others say picky, and still more might cry anal. The good news is that being the perfectionist that she is, she’s willing to work to reverse the flaws, both hers and yours. As the sign of service, she’s giving, dedicated and sympathetic. She’ll help you get that junk drawer or chaotic closet organized. Moving beyond the nitty gritty details of the physical world (which a Virgo can do, eventually), you’ll have yourself a caring and supportive mate, provided you get a letter of acceptance.

Libra (sep 23 - oct 21)
If she is a libra then nthing to worry.Libra is the sign of partnership, means that she’s already got herself a boyfriend, or five. Charming and sociable, she’ll be dancing and romancing most nights of the week. Even trying to work a date into her appointment book could prove a nearly insurmountable feat. While capable of getting along with everyone, she needs an intellectual who’s suave and refined; someone who appreciates art and beauty as much as she does. Think champagne, chocolates and candlelight as a place to start. Her ideal relationship will be well balanced and harmonious, as she finds fighting to be vulgar and boorish behavior. If outings to the opera and ballet appeal to you, then this is your gal. Just don’t mind her wandering eye.

Scorpio (oct 22- nov 21)
She’s has enough sex appeal to ignite a three-alarm fire. She’s a fearless woman with a will made of titanium. Not an open book, she’s more like a science mysterious girl that takes years of study to even remotely comprehend, and that’s exactly the way she likes it. Intrigue and mystery are her operative words when it comes to dating. She doesn’t want an easy conquest. If you can maintain the mystery, you’ll be in for a whole new world of sizzle. Scorpio is the sign of sex, after all, and once you’ve won her affections, watch out! As they say; 'If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.' Where a Scorpion is concerned, don’t even think about disrespecting her, since she’s got enough spark to burn the whole house down.

Sagittarius ( nov 22 - dec 21)
She’s is entertaining with her tales or telling her opinoins etc. oh that means she is sagittari Outspoken, she’s not afraid to pipe up and say what’s on her mind. The flip side to her admirable openness is that she is sometimes a little too frank. Speaking of foreign, she’s a traveler and a philosopher who’ll journey the world over. Her breadth of vision extends far beyond her high resolution computer monitor. While some enjoy virtual reality, this is a lady who wants to create and experience her own reality firsthand. Trotting through life with a smile and enough optimism to blow sunshine up even the most fatalistic’s you-know-what, she’s happy-go-lucky and enjoys having free range. If you hope to get lucky with her, you’d better be well-traveled, or at least well-versed in experiencing life. Don’t try to tie this woman down or squelch her fiery spirit; she’ll send you packing.

Capricorn (dec 22 -jan 21)
Capricorn are confident & hard working. the most important thing for this woman is 'Success'. While she does spend quite a bit of time at work, she applies that same focus and drive to all aspects of her life. A Capricorn woman can be compared to the parable of the shy girl turned success story millionaire. She’s a hard worker who’ll persevere ‘til she gets to the summit of her designated mountain. you’ll find a deep and devoted woman in her. She may seem quiet and reserved, but rest assured that drive to succeed translates over into other places outside the boardroom. To get to that point, though, you’ll have to demonstrate your worthiness by jumping through a few hoops, and if they’re platinum hoops, you might have a chance.

Aquarius (jan 20 - feb 19)
Aquarius writes her own rules and might even break a few laws if it’s a necessary part of her latest campaign to save the world. Freedom to flow is how she operates. she dont cares and do what she likes. She is looking for someone as unique and unrestricted as she is. It’s all about experimenting, experiencing and innovating. She’s a revolutionary in tune with the bigger picture and the bonds that connect us as humans. If you want to bond with her, be willing to try new experiences, and have a wide variety of interests and pet causes. Above all, you’ve got to be your own person, with a few idiosyncracies and oddities in the mix.

Pieces (feb 19 - mar 20)
If you’re looking for a lady full of feeling and compassion, then a Pisces woman is the right mate for you. A romantic to the core, she’s dreamy and gentle, preferring to float off into the realm of imagination and daydreams. She’s sweet as pie, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have anything going on upstairs. Intuitive to the point that she could almost start her own psychic friend’s hotline, she’s able to pick up on other people’s feelings and thoughts effortlessly. Her own feelings run as deep as a river. While she does live for romance and idyllic fantasy, she also needs some time to herself to sort through her many emotions and thoughts. She’ll go for the tortured artist type, as she’s quite a creative sort herself. Poetry, writing and music could be very close to her huge, loving heart. This is a woman who sees life in a dreamy, rose-tinted fog. If long talks and strolls on the beach around.

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