Thursday, October 13, 2011

Will you marry me?

I was sitting at my desk
Pondering what to say
"Lord, please give me inspiration!"
Earnestly I prayed

With a pad in the left hand
And a pen in the right
I was a man on a mission
Needing a poem for tonight

They say roses a red
And violets they are blue
No--that's a pansy beginning
And that will never do

The sun shining bright in the day
The moon glowing in the night
No--that won't work either
It just doesn't sound right

You can see my dilemma
A poem to construct
Feeling broken and defeated
I wanted to give up

Then it came to me
In a vision like a dream
A picture of the woman
God has prepared specially for me

I chuckled to myself
How could I've not seen
With five simple words
This poem is complete

(name), will you marry me?

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